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We are Sponges

Quote credit: Brian & Candice Simmons, The Sacred Journey. Photo: (c) Healing Writer

Quote credit: Brian & Candice Simmons, The Sacred Journey. Photo: (c) Healing Writer

To me, the image of a sponge perfectly depicts the human spirit in communion with the flow of Holy Spirit.

Our spirit is a sponge that absorbs the loveliness, holiness and Presence of God just by being near Him, communing with Him in His chamber. In my experience, I am either wet, full and squishing abundant life … or I am dry, parched and not much good for my intended purposes.

I cannot go for days without spending time with God. I dry out. It’s taken me far too long to realize this truth, but I am convinced that Father set it up this way on purpose. Like the Israelites whose manna would last just 24 hours, my spiritual¬†water (Holy Spirit anointing) also lasts just 24 hours and then either dries up or is used up by the demands of daily living. I can literally feel the lack of His Presence and the nearness of it. In other words, I sense when I am full and when I am empty. I know many of my readers can relate.

I have been told this truth countless times, heard it preached, read it in books and yet, … I finally get it.

I MUST go to the well daily to get fresh water. Dip my soul into the invisible river of Living Water and let Him fill me to overflowing. These are not just lovely words. This is the authentic experience that empowers, strengthens, energizes and equips me for service. For survival. Equips me to love, to exist, to keep going when I am weary, poured out, rung out like a brittle sponge. Plumps up my faith and rehydrates my spirit.

May you, gentle reader, beloved of your Father, be filled today with Living Water from heaven. May you feel His peace, the refreshing that comes from His Presence and His love flowing toward you, in you and through every fiber of your being until your spirit being is full of Him, plump, squishy and ready to slather with grace those you encounter, in Jesus glorious name. Amen! 

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