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Harnessed to God’s Heart

Image courtesy of Tina Phillips at

Image courtesy of Tina Phillips at

In chapter one of Song of Solomon, our Bridegroom calls His bride a horse.

Does that sound like a compliment?

But look at the symbolism. Horses represent profound strength, graceful agility and beauty. Could God be speaking of our inner strength? That her strong desire to follow Him is like the strength of the finest horse? (Brian Simmons, The Sacred Journey).

Song of Songs 1:9 says that we are swift and strong as a racehorse as we run after Him.

“Your destiny is to be the mighty horse of fire that laughs at fear and is afraid of nothing, that cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds; you will catch the scent of battle from afar and will leap at the battle cry, as in Job 39:19-25.” Brian Simmons

Prayer: “Jesus, make me into a strong steed (or mare) harnessed to Your heart. Help me be that mighty horse of fire, unafraid, ears tuned to Your voice and ready to gallop where you say go. Amen”

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