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Love and Kisses

(c) Kathryne

(c) Kathryne

My late mother signed every card or note with the phrase, Love + Kisses, Mother. This was her signature closing, denoting her affection toward the recipient. Every card to each of her children was inscribed this way, regardless of our age. It communicated love and affection to me then and now, becoming a treasured keepsake now that she is a memory.

I grew up with kisses of affection, as you did, hopefully. Mom was an affectionate woman who kissed us nightly at bedtime and consistently upon greeting. Kisses are physical demonstrations of devotion, respect and love. Depending on the context, can indicate friendship, sexual love, sexual attraction or romance. They can be platonic or convey deeper emotions.

William-Adolphe-Bouguereau A_Little_Coaxing_(1890)

What about God’s kisses? Can we have a relationship with the divine that includes affection? Not physical affection, but what about Spirit-kisses? Kisses as pure as the one embodied in A Little Coaxing, a painting by William Bouguereau (1890).

I’m working my way through The Sacred Journey by Brian and Candace Simmons. Not the usual Song of Songs devotional study, theirs is a vibrant journey into the passionate heart of Jesus Christ, His jealous love and longing to make you completely His own. And it all starts with the Divine kiss!

“The Lord is calling His people into the flames of divine romance. Our hearts must be stirred by every glimpse we see of the love of Jesus.” — The Sacred Journey, p.11.

I’ll let Dr. Simmons explain: “The sacred journey begins with a cry from a passionate heart: Smother me with kisses–your Spirit-kiss divine, (Song of Songs 1:2). This is what every heart cries out for, a divine kiss to consume our soul. The “Spirit-kiss” is a metaphor that speaks of sacred intimacy with Jesus Christ. The most powerful gift God can give to the human spirit is His kiss.  Kisses from God impart the deepest longings that could ever be given to the human spirit. His divine kiss is the answer to why we are here on earth.

Don’t think of Jesus actually kissing you on the mouth when you read this. Think of God awakening your heart with a fresh understanding of His love and passion for you; a heavenly kiss that awakens the human spirit to the divine affection toward us. 

A kiss is an image the entire world recognizes. We greet newborns with a kiss and we say goodbye with kisses. It is one of the tenderest expressions of love we use.”

Let Him kiss me. “When the Son kisses me, His complete love fills me with a knowledge and depth of revelation that can’t be fathomed. When the Son of God kisses me with the Word of God, I am changed forever, never to be the same again,” (page 15). 

So let Him kiss me and kiss me again until I am smothered in kisses — Your Spirit-kiss divine!

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