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Pressing In for More of God

I’m hungry for more of God in my life.

I deeply desire a move of God in my city, my state, and my nation.

elctricity More of GodI know I’m not alone. There is a remnant of Christians in North Carolina and throughout the United States who share my desire. Thousands that I’ve not met across my continent and the globe hunger also. I see them virtually in news reports and videos.

Are you dissatisfied? Do you have a “holy discontentment” as Dr. Michael L. Brown calls it?

“You, me, the entire Church — we all need to be called up higher. The enemy of higher is mediocre. When it comes to the gospel, mediocre is often embraced when we mistakenly believe there is no higher we can go in God. This thought process robs us of our cry for revival. Landscape-changing revival is birthed by a cry that sees higher and longs to bring one’s personal spiritual experience into alignment with the possibilities seen in the New Testament.” –Michael Brown, Ask for the Rain

Refuse to be content with what you’re experiencing in church or homes. There is more to the Gospel. As long as the homeless, alcoholics, drug sellers and users, traffickers and criminals exist in our cities, we must continue to press in and ask for more of God.

As long as people are dying without receiving their healing, let us ask for the power of the Gospel in demonstration! As long as non-Christian groups infiltrate our communities with false religion and outright lies, let us humble ourselves and intercede! 

As long as people exist in bondage of any type, let us arise as chain breakers! 

Practical Steps to Recover Desperation

  • We begin by confessing our sins to God and acknowledging our spiritual bankruptcy. Whether outright sin or inner complacency, it’s all dark to the holy God of light. 
  • Ask for hunger. Cry out for deeper spiritual hunger for your leaders, yourself, your family. “God is the One who alone initiates spiritual hunger; we respond to it” –Dr. Michael L. Brown. 
  • Read about revival in Scripture, study past outpourings and connect ourselves with how God is moving in other parts of the world. This builds our faith (Romans 10:17), stirs hunger in our hearts, and ignites the revival flame inside us that He deposited. 

lion roaring Ruler KingdomUse Your Hunger to Light Fires

Once you get it, use it. Let’s birth desperation in others and awakening in our region. See higher. Commit yourself to regular intercessory prayer times. 



Dutch Sheets said this week at The Backbone Worship Gathering in Charlotte, N.C. “God doesn’t want to move because we have asked. We have been inspired to ask for revival/awakening because He wants to do it.”  


LoveVoice of prayer image

(c) Kathryne Leach using Canva & 3 images. One from Gordon Johnson via pixabay.

Dutch also explained, “Everything God has been doing the last 30-40 years moved us to 2020. This year is a hinge of history. A new sound has been released- it’s the apostolic, prophetic revelatory voice of the Lord released through the Ekklesia prayer movement because we have recovered our voice.”   

Have you recovered your voice? 

The steps outlined above will surely lead to unlocking your voice so that heaven hears. Why? Because God wants it more than you do. Christ, the Great Unlocker has already shed His blood on Calvary for your freedom. If you are saved, the Spirit of the living Christ lives within you and everywhere you walk you carry the rule, reign, and administration of Heaven.

I urge you to release the Kingdom of God today through your faith-filled, Scriptural prayer decrees. This is why you were created – to partner with Heaven and bring His Kingdom to earth. 

Would you share this to inspire another in the place of prayer? Not for me, but for them. To God be the glory when His people link arms and are busy about their assignments! 

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  1. Inspiring post, Kathryn! I love this: “This is why you were created – to partner with Heaven and bring His Kingdom to earth.” This is so true! Thank you for writing this.


    1. You,re so welcome, Stephanie. Sorry for my delay in responding.
      I was in conference mode last week preparing for NCCWC and just now read your comment.
      Give her more of Yourself, Lord Jesus!

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