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I’m on Instagram – Featuring Faith Tattoos

Happy Miraculous Monday! 

Bill and I spent our weekend at the North Carolina Christian Writers Conference (NCCWC) sponsored by Serious Writer. It was excellent for so many reasons. 

NCCWC Bill Kate Bethany MAdamsBesides tiring in a good way, the long Saturday enabled us to hone our writing through classes, network with fellow Christian writers who share a call to share a redemptive thread in our words, and meet one-on-one with agents and editors. 

Personally, nervous Nelly here was my usual self the week before as I updated my One Sheet and the LOOOOONNNGGGG nonfiction proposal needed. Kinda jealous you fiction folks get to bypass that bugger, LOL. But I see the logic. Typing a synopsis of each chapter helped me understand my book in an abbreviated way. Proposals and I are still in a love-hate relationship and I can’t break up, yet, LOL. 

A sincere thank you to those who prayed for us. Our travels were safe, we felt peace during appointments, had a few true divine connections and enjoyed ourselves. 

New God Assignment

While I can’t give all the personal details, I’m excited to share an idea that began as a marketing suggestion but is actually much more. 

Tattooed King is my new, yet unpublished nonfiction book about the Kingdom of God within our hearts (His reign and rule on earth, not just in the afterlife). The King has ascended but His domain is a kingdom of the heart for now. Rather than a place, it’s a way of life. If you are to enter the rule of God, you have to know that God.

To help unravel the real Jesus, A Tattooed King lays out 15 Kingdom Principles from Bible parables forming a focused picture of God, replacing mystery with an image of this Kingdom of the heart. Each chapter presents a different Kingdom principle revealing God’s character, preferences and dislikes, His attractiveness and perspective. He truly is one who reveals Himself unceasingly.

My target audience is unchurched folks aged 40 and younger, millennials mainly. I’m also interested in engaging those who were raised in church, but wounded or misunderstood. Religion has hurt so many, unfortunately. I want to reach those burned by religion as hypocrisy and show them the real Jesus they can fall in love with. 

A Divine Connection

The Lord connected me with Cody Morehead, pastor of the Next Gen Ministry at Heart O’ The Lakes  church in Brooklyn, MI (near Jackson). He is also their church worship leader. I asked to photograph his faith tattoo as my initial post on Instagram (@a_tattooed_king). He agreed and during casual conversation, I asked him some questions about setting up my account to specifically target viewers his age. 

Tat King Collecting Tats Instagram PostWhat I didn’t know was that Cody also runs a branding business called Pubzoo Creative.  We felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as we spoke, realizing it was a divine connection. He is an amazing young firebrand for Jesus! In the coming days, A Tattooed King will have a brand as I forge connections with a younger generation. 

In the meantime, I’d truly appreciate if you’d share this name … A Tattooed King with anyone with faith tattoos who’d like to have them featured on IG and see other believer’s beautiful faith ink. Just Christian ones at this time. Eventually, it will expand, but this is where the project begins. 

Vision Statement

Tell your kids, mention it to people at your church, work, anywhere. The idea is to break down the barriers between the Church and the beautiful tattooed people made in God’s image. Help me remove the stigma that exists within churches that tattoos are ungodly. In the coming days, I’ll delve into this more fully. 

social media apps-on cellphone picHelp me spread get the word out, will you? 

Post it on social media used by millennials (IG, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, etc.). Yes, blast it on Facebook, too (despite the fact few millennials use FB anymore).

Thanks for helping this Evangelista in her new divine assignment. This is so much bigger than book marketing. It’s to promote the King of Kings, Jesus our beloved! 


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