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Word to the Weary Warrior

It’s January 8 and my first post for the new year.

I’ve been purposefully quiet on this blog over November and December because I’ve spent time in prayer for my nation, busy with two holidays and well … I promised you years ago when I started this blog that I’d only write as inspired by God. I’ve been pondering things in my heart and keeping them to myself while trying to grow up and not share whatever comes to mind.

The events in Washington, D.C. on January 6 upset me because I had hopes that the electoral votes would not be certified and that the 10-day audit requested by Sen. Ted Cruz would be granted. Call me naive but I’m being transparent. After the riots ruined that possibilility, I awoke Thursday, January 7 saddened and not sure what to pray. It appeared Trump lost.

I tried to absorb the days events of our President talking about a peaceful transition and news reports revealing the marauders identity, but I was not feeling my prayers were availing much. Like you, I prayed so diligently for SO MANY MONTHS!

What to do?

I awoke today to a fellow warrior sending me a 90-minute video that reinvigorated my faith. I made time over morning coffee to listen. I share it with you because it will get you back on track to believe that God IS NOT DONE with the destiny of America!

Meanwhile, outside my window my blue ceramic birdbath is a mini ice rink, a cardinal shivers and our first major snowfall blankets the trees and grass in white. A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for northwest North Carolina and portions of SW Virginia.

This video communicates what the Spirit of God placed on my heart this morning.

Be refreshed video 01/08/2021 (5 minutes)

So remember, fellow Christian and intercessor … we battle not against flesh and blood. We have to choose to keep our minds on things above. When you get weary, it’s normal. But don’t take a rest! Instead, ask God to refresh you. Be like King David and encourage yourself in the Lord (1 Samuel 30:6).

Now David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and his daughters. But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God.

I don’t know how David did it but I do these things: listen to trusted leaders in the Body who have heard what God is saying; worship the Lord because He never changes and is ALWAYS worthy of my adoration and be attentive to what my heart is telling me. Of course, feed myself more Word than world info!

I confess friends … yesterday I was DOWN. My soul was confused, my emotions were disappointed and I did not know what God was doing. My soul blocked my ability to hear so I needed the direction I found here

and here

I pray along with Dutch Sheets and his “give Him 15” app daily and it makes such a difference in keeping my soul focused. It’s available as a video on YouTube and as an app for your phone where the points and prayer are written out.

So STAND IN FAITH brothers and sisters and keep standing on God’s Word (Ephesians 6:13).

Keep your mind on things above. Good things are on the way!

We walk BY FAITH and NOT by SIGHT! (2 Corinthains 5:7)

God is NOT LATE! He is never late. He has a good plan for America and we WILL see it!

Love in Him,


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  1. God spoke to me plainly before Trump’s first election that Trump was His man and that Trump would win. This election, He didn’t speak to me clearly at all, however, I tried to put things together and the only thing I ‘sensed’ (it’s stronger than ‘sensing’; the only thing I KNEW) was that it isn’t yet time for America to go down the tubes. Along with that ‘knowing’, I had a few other very subtle ‘tells’ that Trump will be reelected. God spoke loudly the first time but softly this time. I’ll still believe what I ‘know’ until the November 2024 election. There is no telling what will happen to get Trump back in office.

    Furthermore, I had made an entry in my Google Keep app about three months ago and titled it ‘Apostolic Covering’. Then about a week or two before the election, I came across this entry and it had a picture of Trump holding his fist up in victory at the top of the entry. Let me tell you two things: 1.) I didn’t put that pic there, and 2.) pics can’t be mistakenly added to a Google Keep app. I knew immediately that God was telling me that Trump is America’s apostolic covering. (That is a mighty thing which I won’t go into, but it shows why he is the first and only man whose presidential run summoned witches from the darkness into the light to curse him and why he provoked so much hatred and attacks without even saying a word. Speaking about the apostolic ministry itself which Jesus gave, the ministry mantle evokes warfare and resistance without even saying a word– because unlike the prophetic mantle which purposely uncovers corruption, the apostolic mantle provokes corruption to uncover itself (as it was with Jesus vs. the religious leaders and the demonic)– so it was plain to me that God made Trump not an apostle but an apostolic covering for America.)

    God works in mysterious ways, but I can’t recall any precedent in the Bible, in all of history, or in the churches where God gives and then takes away, where He blesses and then removes His blessing, where He favors and then removes His favor. That looks like what is happening in this election, but it doesn’t fit what we know about God. Job said, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away,” but he was wrong about that (among other things). Let’s keep watching and see what happens with Trump and with this election.

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      1. Hi there. This might interest you.

        I downloaded ‘Darkest Hour’ before the election and was surprised at how the trailer seemed to relate to Trump. It’s based on the actual events where Winston Churchill was selected ‘for such a time as this’, to become prime minister of Britain in order to defeat or mitigate the Hitler threat that was days away from taking over Britain.

        I meant to watch this movie many times, but I seemed to never have time. Then on January 6, while Congress was meeting, I began to watch it. (I’ve been watching it is pieces and am not finished yet.) I was even more surprised that this movie relates now more than ever to what is going on with Trump, the Deep State, and America. If Trump has strong men beside him, they will advocate for and stand with him if he leads a revolution or revolutionary act.

        It’s funny how he has lived for himself all these years, making money and such– how for the last four years he has lived for others more than he ever did, and how at this time he might be asked to lay down his life (ie. his lifestyle and personal security) for America. God has often spoken to me through worldly things like music and movies. As I began to watch this movie, I didn’t think it was a coincidence that I found time to watch it right when Congress was meeting to decide the election. Watch the trailer and tell me what you think:

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