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Whispers of the Night

God speaks deep within us and in the whispers of the night.

We call them dreams but they are really night prophecy for true spiritual dreams are Jesus speaking directly to our spirit by His Spirit, bypassing our mind. During sleep, our mind shuts down so there is nothing blocking His communication to us. This system is ingenious!

God promises to watch over every word He speaks to us and fulfill them. This includes the words He speaks to us in the night.

So if you are promised something in a dream and several years pass but it has not manifested …remember who said it. The One whose name is Fatithful and True. The One who cannot lie. Promisekeeper.

Although 2020 has been a year of unheaval, change and unexpectedness, God prophesied on December 23, 2019 in part … “Restoration in 2020. I will restore you. Do not be afraid to follow me into the unknown for I am the One who leads you on and restores your life. This will be a year of restoration in your life. You will end 2020 restored in My love, strengthened in My grace, and surrounded with songs of joy. And your joy will be shared by the angels for they are with you and they walk beside you guarding your life and preparing the way.

I will restore you. Never limit me. I will restore your family and those you love, they will see me in your life and know that I am the One who gives back to you what has been lost. Don’t doubt My grace that is enough for you and for your family.

I will restore you and your dreams. Those desires within you for completion and to touch the lives of others, I will fulfill. Promises made are promises kept. As I speak deep within you and in the whispers of the night I will watch over every word I speak to you and it will be fulfilled. This is a new season of dreams fulfilled. You will laugh with joy when promises are fulfilled and your impossibility removed. And you will see that My ways are perfect.”

How to Handle Dream Messages

Many of you wonder what to do with a dream message you receive. I’ve found there are several ways to respond to these direct messages from Jesus. First, record them by journalling the dream and interpretation. Written or audio matters not. What matters is that you can refer back.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

The next step depends on the type of dream. If the message was a warning, then obey it and make the behavioral adjustments necessary. If your dream was a promise of what your future looks like, hold fast to it by faith and pray it aloud in gratitude. Praying a dream message is usually the required response that God expects of me. Especially if it’s about a group of folks. God is sharing His heart and we are supposed to pray it into existance.

The Dream that Saved my Hand

As an avid dreamer and prophetic person, there was a time in 1985 that the Holy Spirit intervened into my life through a dream given to my sister. Angela was a newly-born-again, Spirit-filled, single, college student. She dreamt that I was hospitalized with a large bandage on my right hand. She could see me lying in a hospital bed which upset her because we are very close. Sharing the dream with me, she told me that she prayed protection over me upon awakening, pleading the blood of Jesus over my life and limbs, as well as proclaiming Psalm 91 protection over me.

Upon hearing her dream, I was amazed. She was unaware of an event that occurred that very week at the firing range. My employment as a Probation and Parole Officer required I qualify with a firearm to maintain my certification. My weapon misfired but the alertness and quick action of the Range Master prevented any injury. He heard the pfft sound when I pulled the trigger of the .357 revolver, the sound of a cartridge malfunction. The dud bullet failed to detonate within the barrel. Without hesitation, he placed his hand atop my revolver, the web of his hand blocked the firing pin from striking the next round. Had he not done that my next shot would have hit the round lodged in the barrel, causing the revolver to explode in my hand.

Dud rounds can be dangerous. Bore obstruction caused by a bullet from a previous round stuck in the barrel can cause a firearm to explode. The warning dream conveyed by Holy Spirit to a Spirit-filled believer, coupled with Angela’s proper prayer response, spared my right hand, one of the hands that types my manuscripts and operates a mouse.

How awesome is that? I cannot imagine the grief and physical pain I might have endured had it not been for the grace of God demonstrated in that instance. Despite the passage of thirty-five years, this dream event is as vivid as when I first heard it.

So praise God for speaking to His children and those yet-to-be children through dreams as well as through His Word, prophecy, books, nature, and His people. If you want me to write more on this topic, drop me a note in the comments below and I’ll expound further. Blessings on your week!

I love each of you and appreciate the time you spent reading my posts. I’m honored. Humbled. Thankful.

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