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Review of Tattooed King book

Fellow Christian blogger Gabrielle posted a generous review of my newly released nonfiction, Tattooed King, Unraveling the Mystery of Jesus in her blog Insanity Bytes (See there’s this thing called biology…). It follows here in part but I urge you to click the link to read it in it’s entirety. She describes seeing Arabic Christians sporting a small N tattooed on their inner wrist in Arabic and what it means.

“Tattooed King”

I speak of course, of Kathryne Leach’s new book, Tattooed King: Unraveling the Mystery of Jesus, of which I happen to have a copy of in my hot little hands at this very moment! I like to follow Kathryne because she cares about some of the same things I do, the kingdom, soul care, and reaching a whole new generation with the good news. She and her husband actually both published books at the same time last month which I thought was great fun.

It’s challenging to offer a little book review without a spoiler alert, but since we have already disclosed the title, I’ll just use her words here, ”The title came to me one day as I considered how to reach a generation fascinated by body art.”

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