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Dream: The Helen Hunt Wedding

Twelve years ago on 11/23/2010 I dreamt an idyllic scene: soft white twinkle lights lending ambiance to a dusk setting of many tables set for dining. I am present as an attendant to help the Bride prepare for the wedding. The Bride doesn’t have a groom yet.

In the first scene, the Bride has to decide IF she will marry this man she has not known very long. They just met recently. She is presented with a large china dinner plate and asked to sign the back.

I saw this wedding vow: I, ___________ do swear to marry _________ and love him all my days, faithfully. It was blank where the bride’s name went. She hesitated before signing because she didn’t know him very well. There was no courtship. In real life I’m pragmatic, but in this dream I deeply wanted her to sign the vow because it felt right.

After hesitating to think, she signed it saying, “He makes me laugh and I really need that now. I trust it will work out.” She had been through several hard times and tragedies recently, so this was a positive turn in her life. She then went upstairs to get dressed for the wedding.

The next scene has me standing beside the male Groom who was nervous but very much in love with her. As deeply in love as one can be in the early stages of a relationship. He was young, pure, and wanted to marry her. I sensed what a really good guy he was. I knew he had a lot to learn but would be sincere and earnest toward her. I don’t recall if he had to sign the back of the dinner plate or not but what seemed clear was that this man did NOT seem like Jesus, but rather like an everyman human.

In the final dream scene we (the guests) are waiting for the Bride and Groom to enter and the ceremony begin. My big brother in real life is there (Richard) and I’m excited to share the story of the dinner plate with him. I tell him how the Bride signed the back and we both see the china plate before us like in a vision. Richard enjoys the romance story, listening intently. I tell him about the Bride’s hard times and need for love and laughter. I have my head on his shoulder as I relate the story.

Then other guests arrive. Two older ladies dressed in fancy attire both ask me, “Is this the Helen Hunt wedding?” Twice I am asked this question. In the dream I figured it referred to the magical, movie-like setting. I laugh and reply, “Yes” as I then make my way through the arriving guests heading upstairs to assist the Bride.

Interpretation: I’ve held this dream closely all these years, sharing it with just a few people. I feel that it is now time to share it publicly. The dinner plate represents dining/fellowshipping with God at the spiritual table He has prepared before us. The Bride of Christ must answer the central question — Will she dine forever with Jesus?

The Bride’s painful history signifies the painful past of emotional hurt each one of us has experienced during our lifetimes. We all need the promise of joy and laughter in our future. Regardless of our physical age, God promises to feed us spirit food (His Word) and allow us to fellowship at His table both while we are alive and after we pass away if we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Richard as my natural brother also symbolizes Jesus our collective “Big Brother” who listens intently as we talk to Him in prayer. My heart on his shoulder reflects my close walk with Him and my comfort in His presence. You can rest your heart on His shoulder, too. I know most of my readers do.

The name Helen means “of the light”. The Helen Hunt Wedding speaks to our evangelistic mission: we are all on a HELL HUNT! To hunt for those destined for hell and bring them to the light! TIME IS SHORT and hell is a real place so we must go hunt … seek out those destined for hell and bring them to the light by sharing truth (not banging them on the head with guilt, shame, or recrimination). We love others to wholeness, remember how love drew you?

Reader, I’m asking you today … will you dine with Jesus? Will you sign the china dinner plate vowing your devotion to Him for eternity? Will you commit to having a regular conversation with Jesus daily, not just weekly?

Finally, will you go on a hunt for souls …. by going about your daily routine willing to speak about Jesus, the afterlife, and the Kingdom of God with those around you?

Let me know your response to this dream by dropping me a note below. I’m praying you sign your plate!

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