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Prayer for Terrorists and God Haters

I wrote this prayer, deriving it from Psalm 9 of King David as written in The Passion Translation.

PsalmsPaperback“Lord, I worship you with extended hands as my whole heart explodes in praise! I will tell everyone about Your wondrous works and how Your marvelous miracles exceed expectations. …. The Lord of Eternity, our mighty God who lives and reigns forever sits enthroned as King, ready to render His verdicts and judge with all righteousness. He will issue His decrees of judgment deciding what is right for the entire world; giving to each one everything they deserve. So I ask You, Lord, to render judgment this day on those who plan and carry out acts of terror all over the globe. I ask that their plans be thwarted and brought to light. I ask that they would fall on their own sword and reap of their own evil deeds.

(9): All who are oppressed may come to You as a shelter in time of trouble, a perfect hiding place. May everyone who knows Your mercy, keep putting their trust in You, for they can count on You, no matter what!  …. (12): God tracks down killers and avenges bloodshed; He will never forget the ones forgotten by others. God hears every one of their cries for justice. Lord, we ask for justice this day for every innocent mother, father and child slain by those who hate You.  Comfort their grieving relatives with Your permeating love balm … grant them peace and hope of reunion to carry them forward.

(14): Save our enemies, Lord. Open their spiritual eyes to the truth of their wickedness and pierce their hearts with the truth of the glorious light of Jesus the Christ. We know the godless nations get trapped in the very snares they set for others, so let the hidden traps they set for the weak snap shut upon them. (16): Lord, You are famous for this – Your justice will punish the wicked and while they are digging a pit for others, they are actually setting the terms for their own judgment. God, we ask they would fall into their own pit this day, in Jesus name!

Verses 17-20: Lord, we remind ourselves that all the wicked will one day fall into the darkness of deaths domain and remain there, including the nations that forget God and reject Your ways. You promised that You will not ignore forever all the needs of the poor, for those in need will not always be crushed. One day, their hopes shall be fulfilled for You see it all. (19) Lord, won’t You NOW arise to judge and punish the nations who defy You? Aren’t You fed up with their rebellion? (20) Make them tremble in fear before Your Presence. Place a lawgiver over them … and make them know that they are only puny, frail humans who must give account to YOU!  In Jesus mighty name, Amen.”

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