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Heart of a Giant Killer

Do you want to have the brave heart of a giant killer?

giant killerSomeone I know is ministering truth in a dangerous part of the world this month. As I was praying for him (and his family), I considered the courage it takes to walk into darkness. One has to know they are called there, know beyond every doubt. That deep conviction carries with it, however, an assurance that if God told me to go … He surely will protect me.

I remembered how I feel when I minister in my local jail. The steel doors locking behind me hold no fear. The women themselves don’t faze me, although the demonic spirits they carry have caused me concern. I don’t fret over the diseases prevalent in that institutional environment, nor do I worry about being taken hostage.

As I reflected on the courage I received upon saying “yes” and walking in obedience to my godly assignment, I realized this person also received a supernatural dose of grace, courage and “fire in his bones” to go where he was asked to. I recalled Romans 5:20, “but where sin increased, grace increased even more.”  Grace was increasing today to the one as our prayers go forth on his behalf.

Holy Spirit reminded me of the baptism of love He imparts when we respond affirmatively to His requests. How else can you explain the feelings of tenderness and brotherly affection that rise up in one’s heart when you see a perfect stranger who is bound by a certain weakness (sin) that you desperately desire freedom for?

Compassion. Agape. Supernatural love is the name for these tender feelings. 

If you want to have the heart of a giant killer, your heart must be full of truth.

Psalms 19 and 23 are two good psalms to meditate upon and memorize to embolden your heart. Knowing God as our fierce protector, our shepherd who provides our every need and whose love dissipates our every fear allows us to walk THROUGH the shadow of death with His goodness and unfailing love as our daily companions.

“The rarest treasures of life are found in His truth, that’s why I prize God’s Word like others prize the finest gold.” Psalm 19:10 The Passion Translation

My prayer for you, gentle reader, is that today you will say “yes” to a godly assignment you may have been procrastinating or hesitating responding to out of fear. Approach that giant and take your best shot (1 Samuel 17:49). May His Spirit embolden your heart, in Jesus name.

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