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Book Review: God’s Way to Overcoming Challenges

“Donna has crafted a practical guide to liberty that should be essential reading for every new believer.”

—– Kathryne Leach, Author & Blogger

God’s Peace, God’s Way to Overcoming Challenges is a step-by-step, scriptural guide to emotional freedom.

(c) Donna Colosimo Bass

(c) Donna Colosimo Bass

Donna Colosimo Bass is a survivor of a life of turmoil – ten major automobile accidents, date rape, sexual abuse, multiple chemical sensitivity, post-traumatic stress disorder – and has overcome each obstacle. Read her transparent, personal account by an ordinary housewife, mother and grandmother as she describes her stress, physical and emotional pain and struggle to gain freedom from chronic illness, long term fear, anxiety, rejection and trust issues.

Once a tormented, housebound soul, she now experiences joy and freedom because she applied the principles found in God’s Word to her circumstances. This book outlines in practical terms how to leave your past behind and let it go!

I recommend this book for several reasons. I know Donna personally, so I’m aware of how hard she has fought to overcome the emotional challenges that life has presented her. She is a true trauma survivor, in every sense of the word. As her Editor, I appreciate the scriptural soundness her work presents. Finally, the sincerity of heart with which Donna writes is bound to carry healing and freedom to readers everywhere. I heartily recommend this book! 

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