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Tiny Blog Exceeds Expectations!

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine …

thank you imageTime to brag on the power of the Lord to open divine doors of opportunity. In the spirit of Habakkuk 2:2 RSV, “Write the vision; make it plain upon tablets, so he may run who reads it,’  I wrote out my blog goals for 2015.

I set a goal to post weekly (52 times) but instead, tripled my posts (100), resulting in triple the number of visitors over 2014. Glory to God! As a man sows, so shall he reap. I planted my time and energy for the spiritual encouragement and growth of readers … and they came!

From all across the globe … United States 3594, Brazil 214, Canada 106
United Kingdom 78, Australia 65, Italy 53, Philippines 53, India 47 and
Singapore 38.  Readers in France 37, South Africa 33, European Union 33,
Spain 27, Germany 23, Nigeria 21, Norway 20, Portugal 18, Mexico 17 and
Russia 14. I paid the Russian readers …. LOL

globe croppedHumbled to see Israel 11, Netherlands 11, Guam 10, New Zealand 10, Serbia 10, South Korea 9, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Zambia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Poland, Columbia, Argentina and Switzerland stopping by my tiny corner of the world.

Finally, my sincere thanks to readers in Romania, Ecuador, Taiwan, Coatia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Trinidad & Tobago (I don’t even know where that is), Oman, Czech Republic, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, China, Vietnam, Chile, Ireland, Austria, Algeria, Hungary, Uruguay, Greece, Egypt, Japan, Jamaica, Macedonia, and 20 other remote locations.

I am blessed by the ease of WordPress and their stats that help me analyze my work and increase productivity.

Healing Writer partial Goal list for 2016: 

  • shorter posts, quicker reads
  • more prayer on my part to present you meatier posts. Prime cuts, no hamburger for my readers!
  • remaining focused on touching hearts with stories that provide spiritual nourishment and encouragement. Posts that glorify God, not compromising my core beliefs for increased “likes”.

My request: Please pray for me, gentle reader to clearly hear the voice of the Lord, maximize my time to write, balance priorities and finish the book assignments I’ve been given. THANK YOU!!! xoxo

If God will use a middle aged, American woman to speak words of life across the internet, how much MORE will He use YOUR youth, gifts and talents placed in His hands? 




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