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2 Ways to Live

reflecting poolI’m feeling reflective today so I’m presenting a direct question we all need to answer.

How am I living my life? For who? 

There are two ways to live our lives:

  • the more self-absorbed way where you’re trying to store up all you can for yourself


  • the -seeking the Kingdom of God first-  way.


Think about how you got here in the first place. Did you bring yourself to life?

Consider the flowers. Who colored them? 

If God can care for the grass … surely He can care for you? Our Father knows JUST what you need.

The Bible tell us … “But if you seek His KIngdom first — then all those things you are trying to do, will be given to you as well.

kingdom KOGTo say it another way:

You can do your own thing — and not have the Kingdom,

–or– you can immerse yourself in Kingdom — and have everything. 

The choice is always ours.

That is one of the wonders of God. He respects human will. He wants voluntary lovers, voluntary followers. No robots or blind obedience. Willing participants in a good plan.

So on this fine Sunday, my hope is that you will choose LIFE, Kingdom life – for yourself and the generations following you. Be blessed, my friends! 


Credit: Most of this is from Brian Hardin and his April 7, 2017 Daily Audio Bible podcast

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