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Stewarding Healing

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Do you want a miracle in your body? Ask for one.

Physical healing is a controversial subject for many. It is not for me. I settled it years ago when I decided to accept God at His word. There are numerous scriptures that proclaim the willingness and ability of God to heal us. I accept them at face value.

Does that mean if someone I pray for is not healed instantly that I waiver in unbelief? 

No, absolutely not! Why?

Because I have learned that physical healing can be instantaneous (a miracle) or a process requiring our participation. What is our part? To believe and to say aloud what you believe. To speak life into your body by saying God’s Word over yourself. Then to continue to persist releasing faith until the desired expectation manifests. 

Faith for healing comes from what you hear. 

Need more faith? Grow your faith by feeding yourself fertilizer. Huh? When I want my plants to grow quicker, I water them with Miracle Grow plant food. If I want my faith to develop, I feed myself scriptures on that topic. 

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17 NKJV).  Faith, then, is birthed in a heart that responds to God’s anointed utterance of the Anointed One (TPT). 


“Do you desire physical, mental or emotional healing? You can treat the symptoms or … put an axe to the root. The axe we use is the book of Acts! Why? Because this is the apostolic age!”

                                                               —Cal Pierce, Spokane Healing Rooms Founder


Fellow faith blogger Meliah wrote an inpirational post Faith is a Beautiful Language that you may appreciate as much as I did. Check it out and let her know what you thought. 

Blessings on your journey of faith,


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3 replies

  1. This is exactly what God needed me to hear. I have prayed for healing. People have prayed for me as well. A little part inside starts to wonder where I have gone wrong. This post is very encouraging. Thank you!


  2. I prayed for my knee to be healed in the car today and it really feels better! Great encouragement! I’ll keep up the warfare….


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