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Move Complete. Now What?

Bill and Kate UHaul 2019June was a time of transition for Bill and I  (see Trusting God in the In-Between). We completed our permanent interstate move from Florida to North Carolina, arriving July 9. The usual ten-hour drive took thirteen as we were hauling a trailer, but it was a peaceful, enjoyable ride. No accidents or incidents, praise God!

Transition is the passage from one state or stage to another; it is a movement that makes something radically different.

One radical difference is that my husband is retired. We are together constantly. This in itself is a major adjustment.

Fortunately, we bought a large enough house that we can retreat to separate spaces for alone time and emerge refreshed and calm. I’m in my alone time now, typing this blog post. I needed me time after only ten days of constant interaction. Pray for us: that we adjust to this new state of companionship – LOL!

We began planning this retirement move in November 2017. Twenty months later, our radical change of residence is complete. All our boxes are unpacked just four days in (to be fair, there were only twenty). Our muscles are sore, though.

So now what? 

We do what we came here for. We finish the books that God has inspired us to write. We edit them numerous times, pray over them, market them and hope for the best.

stay focused

Photo by from Pexels

We have plans to invest ourselves in a local fellowship of like-minded believers. I’m looking forward to the new Christian friendships that await us. There are some authentic, committed Christians here in Moravian Falls. Lots of people to pray for in this community. (Rubbing my hands together in gleeful anticipation of the Father’s business).

Then there are the household chores and improvement projects. The gardening projects I have planned with pavers and slate stones. Exploring local summer concerts in downtown Wilkesboro and driving the Blue Ridge Parkway. Maybe some hiking if I get around to mixing my essential oils to use as a bug repellent.

Pier 1 chas chair blueI had coffee and read devotions this morning in my new Pier One Indigo Blue Chas floral armchair. The upstairs library I created is sublime! I’m very pleased with the wall color, lighting, and ambiance. It doubles as my prayer room, complete with a globe to lay hands on various nations.

Hubby set up his writing office in an adjoining bedroom upstairs today. It is organized and bright, yet cozy.



sunroom office

I selected our main level sunroom for my writing space because the natural light sets a cheery atmosphere. A farmhouse table is my desk, accentuated by black-and-white decorations. I absolutely love it!

We began the process today for North Carolina car tags, drivers licenses, and auto insurance. Seeing that red, white and blue tag will make it really real. For now, we are still official Floridians. My heart will always love my Melbourne, FL. peeps.

That’s all for now, friends. Love you!

NC car tag


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