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Married Authors Release Books Back-to-Back

There’s a feeling of accomplishment in the air at the Leach household these days that feels pretty darn good!

My husband and I self-published our respective manuscripts this spring, his April 2 and mine April 27, 2021. Both were long-term projects taking four years to research, write, edit, revise, format and finalize. There is a celebratory mood in the house after so many hours of labor. A weight has lifted.

Our friends and family know about the books through social media, but maybe you, my faithful readers would like to see the finished covers?

Meet Harry Jennings, a 1920s era newspaper reporter who finds missionaries’ journals from the 1830s containing a treasure map. Harry follows clues in the diaries in a quest to locate legendary silver mines. In his search, he meets Cecilia Lake, a lovely and intelligent librarian who helps him search for Shawnee silver missing for hundreds of years.

As Harry’s search threads through the novel, contrasts between the cultures and beliefs of Elisha and Abigail Parker, Quaker missionaries, and the Shawnee people are recorded in their own words. Join the Parker family by a campfire after a wearisome day traveling by covered wagon across the plains. How successful are they in “Christianizing” the Shawnee? This historical novel is part adventure story, part love story, western, and a sad commentary on the role of greed in dispossessing the Shawnee people from their ancestral lands.

Tattooed King, Unraveling the Mystery of Jesus is my newest nonfiction which released April 27.

Tired of religious hypocrisy? Ready to know the real Jesus? Break out of religious stereotypes and discover a relatable countercultural King who operates a revolutionary society on earth through regular people. It is possible that you have more in common with Jesus than you know, such as love of art, color, and even body art.

Tattooed King, Unraveling the Mystery of Jesus welcomes readers into the actual personality of Jesus in ways that will deepen their faith. You will learn what Jesus meant when He taught in parables, replacing mystery with a clear understanding of His Kingdom of the heart. I love a mystery so much that I founded my own Private Investigative agency. But one need not be a trained detective to understand the Father’s heart.

Each chapter clarifies a parable riddle, explaining Kingdom principles one by one. Put them together to grasp God’s character, His preferences and dislikes, His attractiveness, and perspective. God truly reveals Himself unceasingly.

One root of social unrest in America is spiritual – the lack of intimate knowledge of God and His Kingdom methods. The strategy of forces opposing Christ is to disparage the knowledge of God until it is completely disreputable and vanquished from American culture. It aims to silence Christianity and its influence in American society, replacing morality with tolerance and immoral choices. Learn how living from a kingdom mindset and practicing the values that Jesus espoused is a way to impact social change. Tattooed King provides you practical and Scriptural guidance, questions for reflection, and relatable personal illustrations to help you know the real Jesus.

I invite you into the unraveling mystery!


What Others are Saying about Tattooed King:
“I absolutely love the amount of scripture Kate used in Tattooed King to back up her valid points. I also liked the many real life examples because when I read a book, especially one on this subject, they make it easy to understand. Overall I loved the book!”    Isabella Colangelo, college student, ARC

Red Tail Ridge
5.0 out of 5 stars  Beautiful, Kingdom View of Jesus Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2021 Wow. This book is beautifully composed from beginning to end. Kathryne writes with an ease that will draw you to turn the pages, yes, but also reflect deeply on your own connection to Jesus and His Kingdom. She also touched me personally because I too see my King with a tattoo on his thigh: King of kings and Lord of lords. If you have never seen Jesus as a King who loves all and invites all into His Kingdom, if you have never seen yourself as part of His Kingdom, then pick this up and enjoy it. Read a chapter a week, think it over, reflect, and find yourself in fellowship with the King. –Amazon review

Show your support of independent authors by checking out these new releases and ordering yours today. If you would leave review on Amazon, it would mean ever-so-much to Bill and I.

Our readers are the best. Thank you!

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