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My Milestone Birthday Request

December 27 is my 60th birthday! A milestone I’ve been needlessly dreading. It just sounds so old, yet it’s just a number, they say. No, not to me. I’m a person who God designed as a deep thinker, one who looks farther in search of meaning, a person often described […]

Divine Exchange

Originally posted on Kathryne Leach:
God became flesh so that I could become spirit. My pastor, Tim Franklin, Ph.D. spoke this phrase during a December 2013 sermon. This truth struck me like an arrow. Simple, yet profound. The mystery of the incarnation boiled down to 9 words. And the Word…

Blessed are the Cracked – Part 1 of 4

This is part one of a four part series on Inner Healing through the Presence of God.  My childhood home environment was unhealthy, at times. Frequent yelling, fighting and physical violence, exacerbated by my parents’ divorce when I was seven caused  me emotional wounds. I’m sharing not for sympathy, rather […]

The Artist’s Signature

I’m fascinated by the gold spots on monarch chrysalides. As most readers know, I began raising monarchs this year, releasing about 120 butterflies to date. My sixth batch is in the chrysalis stage now and I hope to release 45 healthy monarchs in the next few days.  I love this […]