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Stewarding Healing

Do you want a miracle in your body? Ask for one. Physical healing is a controversial subject for many. It is not for me. I settled it years ago when I decided to accept God at His word. There are numerous scriptures that proclaim the willingness and ability of God […]

God’s Fireplace

The Father has been speaking to me lately about His fire, specifically the fire of His love. Not the fire of judgment, but the ever consuming, blazing passion that is the heart of God (Hebrews 12:29).  His message came via a dream of a massive fireplace embedded in the ceiling […]

My Milestone Birthday Request

December 27 is my 60th birthday! A milestone I’ve been needlessly dreading. It just sounds so old, yet it’s just a number, they say. No, not to me. I’m a person who God designed as a deep thinker, one who looks farther in search of meaning, a person often described […]