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Is Life Really Better on a Sailboat?

Today’s guest post and photo collage comes from Janine Watson, who writes about life aboard a sailboat where she lives with husband, Ian and daughter, Tammy.

Let’s listen …

Driving down US1 there is a large billboard screaming “Let Go and Go Sailing” accompanied by an appropriate sailboat in full sail on an azure sea with a tropical island paradise on the horizon. Hmmm, I muse, is this all it’s cracked up to be?


Janine sailboat beach tinyI thought I’d draw back the curtain on the “getaway” idea that “life is all going to be better when I get THERE, wherever “there” may be.

In 1993 I met this amazing Aussie bloke who was circumnavigating the world on his home-built, 50 foot ketch. With eyes full of adventure for foreign ports my two teenagers and I said goodbye to Africa, structured schooling and the 8-5 working life. 

Janine sailboat at sunset tiny


At first, adventure and adrenaline pounded as loudly as the waves did, as we sailed west from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Originally aptly named the Cape of Storms.

Oh! … so the sea doesn’t always look like this …

storm on waterSkies can be seriously dark, or worse. This image was taken on the intercoastal, which accounts for the land in the way and the serious lack of crazy waves. I have no pictures of ominous storms at sea as we were too busy hunkering down, changing sails and PRAYING. One reason going sailing can be a good idea is that it’s great for your PRAYER LIFE and for building FAITH. 😁

Then it started to dawn on me: this is just like life ashore, some days are amazing, full of life and color while some days are stormy enough to make you hope for an OFF button.

Sailing on, the surprises kept coming, like preparing meals while underway, in a kitchen sailboat-galley tinythe size of the average guest toilet, where everything moved, and moved and moved as I cooked. With a 2 foot by 2 foot workbench it’s necessary to have ingredients lined up like ducks in a row before starting to cook because the fridge doesn’t open when everything is on the counter!

This tight space made me think of those times ashore when I would feel squeezed by a situation, held in place by what seemed tight limitations. They were really opportunities to teach me PATIENCE, because sometimes to prepare “good food” for those around you, you have to keep on keeping on!


The Great Destination

We traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and through the Caribbean islands, Central America and east coast USA. I discovered that one exotic destination can look like another when your priorities are taken up with “where is the next grocery store, open market and where will we be washing clothes this time?” So unveiling another life secret: the GREAT DESTINATION is what we aim for, but it is the moment by moment, often mundane moments that make up the journey! 

sludge-in-water tinyAfter we sailed for many years, being solely caught up with ourselves, our own agenda in our little isolated world, this traveling all the time life lost its glamor. As if we were on a treadmill doing the same thing continually, just in a different destination, the waters of life seemed full of self-absorbed sludge!






Tammy Watson crossIt was at this point that we  surrendered to God’s love, fully receiving His son, Jesus and the resurrection power of life after the cross.

This life that called us to lay down what we think our lives should look like, is so much more than what we could have dreamed of. It is more challenging, more fulfilling. Our life is now filled with people who God loves and wants to show them what an amazing Father He is. This Life is full of His creation that is so beautiful and is also waiting to be awakened to its fullness.
bridge-opening tiny


A new life opening up – no more ditch drudgery. 

Open horizons ahead! 

With God saying, “Come up here, and I will show you great and mighty things…” And “my angels are all around you to help you!”

As we live our lives blown and directed by the power of the Holy Spirit – we are free from the constraints of religion.

So the Father is asking you to come to Him, get on board as part of His family, as His beloved child. Your life can reflect Him to all creation.

And live in His Glory… (c) Janine WatsonGlory for

It doesn’t happen because you “let go to go sailing”…
But because you’ve “let go to let God in.”💥🌅. 🙌👑 💞♥️ Blessings, Janine

Please let us know if these images or words inspired you. Tell us about your  everyday life moments. Thanks for reading! Love, Kate

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  1. Very good story, it is so true in life. I loved what she said in the end about “let go to let God in” I changed everything in my life and He is help me let go and let Him in even more now then ever. thank you for sharing this enjoyed it.

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