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Unpacking God: Resting in Testing

I am pleased to tease you today with an excerpt from my WIP (work in progress), a nonfiction book, Unpacking God.  It comes from Chapter 11: Resting in Testing … (copyright Kathryne Leach, M.A.).        The refinement of our heart that occurs during the dark, wilderness time of adversity […]

Married to God but not a Nun!

The process of learning to emotionally rely on God day in and day out, makes our marriages healthier because it relieves our spouse of expectations that only God should be filling for us. Today’s 12 minute video God is your Husband is about how to develop a spousal relationship with God […]

You’re God’s Dear Deer

I dreamt of deer last night. Deer are elusive creatures, so dreaming of deer means good things are coming. In it’s simplest form, deer symbolize the joys of loving Christ intimately (Song of Songs 2:7). In biblical symbology, deer represent piety, devotion, and safety in God’s care. They are a […]

At Rest

Song of Solomon has become one of my favorite books of the Bible, thanks to Sharon Purser who opened it for me using Mike Bickle’s in-depth, revelatory teaching. It introduced me to a new level of intimacy with Jesus and how I perceive Him. He is our Bridegroom King who […]

Can’t Touch This

Remember the M.C. Hammer song, Can’t Touch This? Of course you do – sing it aloud with me: Can’t touch this  Can’t touch this Can’t touch this (oh-oh oh oh … oh-oh …oh-oh) Can’t touch this (oh-oh oh oh … oh-oh .. oh-oh) Our pastor Tim Franklin introduced communion to […]

Intimacy Occurs in Private

This thought has fascinated me recently: how we act in private should be different from how we express our worship in public. I have been a charismatic Christian since 1978, therefore as many of you, have become quite comfortable with freely expressing my devotion to the Lord in corporate “church […]

Constantly Working

Constant: an adjective meaning not changing or varying, continuing without pause or letup as in constant noise; unceasing; regularly recurrent, continual and persistent. Can also mean faithful, unswerving in love and devotion as in constant affections. Constant has the connotation of being steadfast and resolute, as in God will not cease […]